Veterans Outreach

OPTU sponsors PHWFF Ft Huachuca and Southern Arizona. Our goal is to expand fly fishing and wildlife access for veterans whose wounds sustained during military service limited their ability to participate in many outdoor activities. Whether the injuries involved physical impairments, such as loss of limb or positional imbalance, injuries due to traumatic head injury, or the emotional ravages of PTSD, the experience within PHWFF has been one of successfully providing opportunities for growth in fine and gross motor skills (fly tying and rod building) and in the enjoyment of spending time in beautiful locations with other veterans who understand and never question. OPTU has been providing mentor support to this effort since 2009. Members volunteer every week to assist in fly tying and rod building. Currently three sites provide this support in Southern Arizona: one in Sierra Vista, one in Tucson and one at the Tucson VA Hospital. In addition, OPTU members volunteer to go on fishing trips to provide one-on-one training and assistance to disabled troops or veterans. The central Point of Contact for this effort is Robin Marsett at, or 520.661.4079.