The OPTU Website will provide a centralized location for your fishing weather forecasts, fish stories and pictures, videos, trip recommendations and announcements. TU National requests that when we add information or blog we put as much information as possible. This provides valuable information and help to other fly fishers. The science board considers the details invaluable in their work to protect and provide for the health of our fisheries.

If you have trouble posting anything contact rzann@comcast.net and we'll try and walk you through it.This is still a work in progress and we'll be adding functionality and making improvements as we go along. Check out each of the main menu items and sub menu items to explore what we have so far. Add Fish and Trip Photos to the Photo site for all the vicarious fishing we want to do. If photos are from a specific trip please give us details (time of year and day, where you stayed, guide recommendations). We may want to go there someday too. And please credit the photographer.