Conservation Efforts

Mount Graham Trout Streams
Old Pueblo Chapter of Trout Unlimited has adopted several streams on Mount Graham as a Partnership Waters Project to monitor stream temperatures, and help try to improve access for anglers into lower Grant Creek. There are a multitude of options for anglers interested in pursuing trout on Mount Graham, ranging from wild Gila Trout in Frye Creek, to Apache Trout in Grant Creek, hybrid trout in Marijilda Creek, and Brook Trout in Riggs Flat Lake. OPTU will be assisting Arizona Game and Fish Department by deploying and subsequently monitoring stream temperature loggers in several of the streams on the mountain. This data will be used to monitor fish populations in these streams, as well as provide data to a broader effort aimed at monitoring climate change and identifying streams which are more sustainable for trout over the long term. OPTU was successful in obtaining an Embrace-a-Stream grant to fund the purchase of temperature loggers to complete this project in 2015, and will be implementing portions of the project over the next few years.